About us

The Center for Conscious Living is an independent New Thought spiritual community. We are an energetic and alive group of people who gather to express their love in community and celebrate their connection to Spirit. CCL is a non-denominational, independent religious organization sharing the belief that spiritual principles can enhance and alter human experience, and that a consciousness of Spirit enhances all aspects of life.

Based on the Science of Mind, a spiritual philosophy developed by Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Center emphasizes lifting and expanding conscious-ness in ways that lead to a life of full expression, connection, peace and harmony. The Center’s educational mission is the development of faith and trust in God.

Its vision is to equip people with the tools to live a life of wholeness and spiritual connection. In addition to Sunday Celebration and our Junior Church, the Center offers: classes, workshops, an extensive library and book store, outreach services and the Synergy Circle (a forum for invited speakers, performers and people who inspire and transform lives).

The Center for Conscious Living is a vital, alive, enriching place to express God’s Light and Love.

Leadership and Service

Our Pastor and Founding Minister is Rev. Dr. Carol Wells Lawson. Our corps of 5 Ministers & 20 licensed Religious Science Practitioners form the healing arm of our community.  A Stewardship Council directs the business affairs of the group. Volunteers serve on a variety of internal and external programs and projects in our local community, across the US and around the globe.


The Center for Conscious Living is a member of Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN) and the 
Association for Global New Thought (AGNT).

Our Vision

The Center for Conscious Living is a spiritual community that is a beacon of Truth and a resonant field of Love empowering all individuals to realize their Oneness with God and manifest their limitless potential.

Mission Statement

The Center for Conscious Living is a heart-centered spiritual home welcoming all who enter into a safe, healing environment of unconditional love and peace. We teach Universal Principles, transforming lives through conscious awareness of Oneness with God.

Religious Science Practitioners

Practitioners are trained and licensed professionals aware of the Presence of One Spirit in and through all things. Practitioners may be contacted for individual Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Mind Treatment on a fee basis. You may contact our Practitioners through the Center for Conscious Living office.

Three-Minute Miracles sessions (short affirmative prayer experiences) are conducted by our core of licensed Practitioners after church services each Sunday at the Moorestown Community House. CCL Practitioners graciously donate their time for these sessions in service to the congregation and the transformation of the planet. .

Our Prayer Ministry also provides a Prayer Request Box for those wishing affirmative prayer from our church through written requests. Each written prayer request is received in confidence and love and assigned to a Professional Religious Science Practitioner for affirmative prayer treatment. The Prayer Request Box may be found Sundays at the Community House.

Practitioners at the Center for Conscious Living