Practitioners and Ministers


Practitioner Mission Statement

As the Practitioners of the Center for Conscious Living, we offer ourselves in loving service to the realization of the Presence of God in each member of this spiritual community and in everyone, everywhere.

Daily, we practice the Presence of God through meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment in order to maintain this awareness of Truth and Wholeness. We recognize the Oneness of all Life and open our hearts and minds to Its fullest expression. We anchor ourselves in God’s Love.

CCL Founding Minister
Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson

CCL Staff Ministers
Rev. Albert Bennett
Rev. Chrystie Cannon
Rev. Julie Fischer
Rev. Sue Locke

CCL Licensed Ministers & Practitioners

Rev. Carrie Christiansen
Joann Jalkiewicz, RScP
Chuck Karstens, RScP
Elizabeth Knauer, RScP
Lynne Scheiter, RScP
Norman Taylor, RScP
Dr. Amy Thomas, RScP
Rev. Dr. Marlene Volper

2014_Prac_Grads_001Rev. Christine Canosa
Ursula Chamberlain, RScP
Rev. Paul Hoyt
Rev. Dr. Nancy Lane
Rev. Christina Layer
Rev. Michael Rogers
Ahaji Schreffler, RScP
Rev. Gerry Scott

Prac Students 2017

Regina DeBarberie, RScP                                                                                                    Anne Delaney, RScP                                                                                                          Karen Lovelace, RScP                                                                                                          Kathy Miller, RScP                                                                                                                Jarrot Nelson, RScP                                                                                                         Dr. Beverly Toporowski, RScP

 Out of Area Practitioners                                                                                           Rev. Dr. Cassandra Butler, RScP                                                                                         Barbara Kajan Scott (Colorado)                                                                                           Misha & Lisa Meinert  (North Carolina)                                                                           Rev. Deborah Roderick (Germany)