Current Classes & Workshops


All classes are held at the Church Office (unless otherwise noted): 302 N. Washington St. #103, Moorestown, NJ Call (856) 722-5683 to register

Living from a Place of Surrender – The Untethered Soul in Action


Begins: June 28th for 8 weeks, 7-9 pm on Thursdays
Facilitated by:  Rev. Gerry Scott & Kathy Miller, RScP
Assisted by: Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson

8-week video class with Michael Singer. What would it be like to be free from limitations, to find inner peace and freedom each day? With profound insights and practical applications, Michael Singer tells us.

No textbooks required but Singer’s books are awesome: The Untethered Soul and The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
Investment: $160

NTI – The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament

Begins: July 10th for 7 weeks, 7-9:30 pm on Tuesdays
Facilitated by: Rev. Carrie Christiansen and Rev. Gerry Scott

NTI is a metaphysical interpretation of the New Testament, scribed by Regina Dawn Akers, which stresses the importance of willingness, acceptance, gratitude, mind watching and trust on the path of enlightenment. Following on from the strength of A Course in Miracles, NTI teaches us to experience the oneness of God here and now by showing exactly how to release obstacles (fear, guilt, unworthiness, separated thinking) to that experience.

TextbooksHoly Spirit’s Interpretation of the Holy Spirit by Regina Dawn Akers
Investment:  $ 175

Spiritual Economics

Begins: July 11th for 6 weeks, 7-9:30 pm on Wednesdays
Facilitated by: Rev. Paul Hoyt
Assisted by: Rev. Chris Canosa
Location: Westfield Friends

In this 6-week class we will be exploring our beliefs and thoughts about prosperity and money. Butterworth says, “The starting point in changing your life from financial reverses to an experience of abundance is to realize that you can change your life by altering your thoughts.” We will be doing gratitude work, meditation and money worksheets to expand our awareness of our beliefs and thoughts about money in the effort to unblock the flow of abundance that is our divine birthright.

Textbooks: Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth
Investment:  $120.00


Intro to Whole Foods Plant Based Eating

Let-Food-Be-Thy-Medicine-and-Medicine-Thy-Food-300x300Begins: August 1st for 5 weeks, 7-9 pm on Wednesdays
Facilitated by: Regina DeBarberie, RScP

Introduction to Whole Foods Plant Based eating: a supportive and educational approach to transition, in whole or in part, to a whole foods plant based diet. Education will be science based documentaries and videos available via Internet. Learn about the positive impact to our health, animal rights and the environment. Recipe sharing and food tasting will be incorporated in the classes.

Investment: $75.00