Welcome to our dynamic and loving community, the Center for Conscious Living. What you will find here is a warm, accepting group of people who, like you, are seeking a community within which to celebrate all aspects of their spiritual journey. You will discover at the Center for Conscious Living a large array of classes, programs, services and volunteer opportunities to broaden and enrich your life. It is my sincere hope that you will find here a spiritual home, one that will nourish you as well as support and empower you.          Love and Blessings,          Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson

community houseJoin us every Sunday at 10 am at our  Sunday Celebration Services held at the Moorestown Community House


1.  Foundations for Living:  This is a transformational class in the study of spiritual practice and conscious creating.  Experience personal miracles as you delve deeply into Universal Principles and apply them to change your life. Begins, March 21, 6:30- 9:30pm            2.  Radical Forgiveness:  This class focuses on empowering students to release the past and awaken to their Spiritual Truth. Learn practical tools and methods to help you reveal hidden beliefs and let go of the past. Begins, April 12, 7:00-9:30pm

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64 Ways in 64 Days:  Daily Commitments to Live By

               Inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of
              Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 30 – April 4. 
We invite you to practice peace with us:
Mar 13: 43 — Today, I will treat the children I encounter with respect and care, knowing that I serve as a model to them.
Mar 14: 44 — Today, I will see my so-workers in a new light–with understanding and compassion.
Mar 15: 45 — Today, I will be open to other ways of thinking and acting that are different from my own.
Mar 16: 46 — Today, I will think of at least three alternate ways I can handle a situation when confronted with conflict.
Mar 17: 47 — Today, I will work to help others resolve differences.
Mar 18: 48 — Today, I will express my feeling honestly and nonviolently with respect for myself and others.
Mar 19: 49 — Today, I will sit down with my family for one meal.
Mar 20: 50 — Today, I will set an example of a peacemaker by promoting nonviolent responses.
Mar 21: 51 — Today, I will use no violent language.
Mar 22: 52 — Today, I will pause for reflection.
Mar 23: 53 — Today, I will hold no one hostage to the past, seeing each-as I see myself-as a work in process.
Mar 24: 54 — Today, I will make a conscious effort to smile at someone whom I have held a grudge against in the past.
Mar 25: 55 — Today, I will practice compassion and forgiveness by apologizing to someone whom I have hurt in the past.
Mar 26: 56 — Today, I will reflect on whom I need to forgive and take at least one step in that direction.
Mar 27: 57 — Today, I will forgive myself.
Mar 28: 58 — Today, I will embrace the spiritual belief of my heart in my own personal and reflective way.
Mar 29: 59 — Today, I will enlarge my capacity to embrace differences and appreciate the value of every human being.
Mar 30: 60 — Today, I will be compassionate in my thoughts, words, and actions.
Mar 31: 61 — Today, I will cultivate my moral strength and courage through education and creative nonviolent action.
Apr 1: 62 — Today, I will practice compassion and forgiveness for myself and others.
Apr 2: 63 — Today, I will use my talents to serve others as well as myself.
Apr 3: 64 — Today, I will serve humanity by dedicating myself to a vision greater than myself.
SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018, 2:30 – 4:30
Westfield Friends Meeting (Near Rt. 130)
2201 Riverton Road, Cinnaminson, NJ  08077

Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Towards Right Relationship with Native Peoples   Sunday, March 18, 2018, 2:30 – 4:30 pm Westfield Friends Meeting       2201 Riverton Rd (near Rt. 130 N), Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

In this interactive program, we explore our country’s original relationships and actions with Native peoples as we trace the historic and ongoing impacts of early theological, political and legal doctrines. This 2-hour workshop will help us better understand these impacts and reflect on how we can take actions toward “Right Relationship.”

            This workshop is an innovative and impactful step towards healing. Working with the truth that has never been told about the American myth is vital to all of us in our country if we are to move forward in a more healthy way. — Brett Shelton (Oglala Sioux Tribe), Attorney, Native American Rights Fund

            Like everyone else I ask, I did not know about the Doctrine of Discovery. The workshop was an amazing experience that I expect to remember till my dying day. The mix of clear statements, together with the experiential learning, sent those lessons deep into my understanding. — Jim Grant, Acadiana Friends Meeting, Louisiana

The Toward Right Relationship Project was developed by the Boulder Friends Meeting, in response to calls from Indigenous leaders at the United Nations and the World Council of Churches.         This program is co-sponsored by the Center for Conscious Living and Westfield Friends Meeting and facilitated by lifelong scholars and activists, Lynne Iser and Mordechai Liebling.   $10 – $30 sliding scale registration fee.  No one will be refused admission.

LYNNE ISER www.Elder-Activists.org
Creating a thriving and just future
JUNE HAMENT and MARTY LEVIN, Co-Leaders, Season for Peace & Non-Violence Center for Conscious Living www.newthoughtccl.org (856-722-5683) jlmagic7@gmail.com (856-424-7971)

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