Abiding In Peace: A Weekend Retreat with Helen Hamilton  June 28th-30th

You may attend any of these 5 ways: Friday Night Only | Saturday Only Sunday Only | Entire Weekend | Zoom Only

Interview with Helen Hamilton 

With Reverend Katherine and Rev Christina on May 5th, 2024

Abiding In Peace: A Weekend Retreat with Helen Hamilton

What would it be like to live in effortless peace? Is it possible to abide as our real Self no matter what is going on in our lives? Join us for this weekend of exploration and discovery as we see our essential nature clearer than ever before. No matter where you are at in your awakening, this weekend program will help you find deeper peace, more joy and allow you to let go of suffering.

Through a mixture of guided meditation, talks from Satsang and self-inquiry we will dive deeply into our essential nature and find that peace is always available. If your heart yearns for freedom, join us for this life changing event.

About Helen Hamilton

Helen affirms that the "The Truth of our Being is very simple. Realisation of the Self is possible for everyone".

Speaking from her own direct experience of the Truth and using meditation, contemplation and self-inquiry, Helen gently leads students to their own direct Realisation of That which we already are.

In Satsangs and through her books, Helen teaches a simple, practical, step by step method to transcend the mind completely and fully awaken to one's True Self. Helen is based in West Yorkshire, in the north of England and is a mother of four.

After struggling through her own awakening several years ago, Helen was driven by the urge to simplify awakening for all beings and to allow us to overcome common challenges along the path to Freedom and to lasting Peace.

Helen teaches worldwide and holds regular Satsangs and other events.

For more information please check out helenhamilton.org

“Helen Hamilton is amazing!

I am thrilled the Center for Conscious Living is able to offer this incredible opportunity to be in Helen's presence, to absorb her clear and compassionate teachings, practice her step by step method to transcend the mind completely and awaken to one's True Self. Whatever you most need, you will receive. And what happens as we come together, with her, as One, is so much more than words can convey, or mind can conceive.”

Rev. Dr. Carol Lawson
Founding Minister Emeritus,
Center for Conscious Living

“I am so happy to be a part of Helen’s Program.

It is interesting how grace opens the door when you are asking for help. This group continues to be that door. I am grateful for the dynamic wisdom that flows through Helen and each and every one of her Program family members. Helen’s teachings have come alive in such a beautiful way and just keep revealing more and more as I stay open. Healing and awakening is ever available if we want it. Thank you Helen and Program family.”

Reverend Dr. Beverly Toporowski
Science of Mind practitioner and friend of CCL

The Riverhouse

Community Mission:  To nourish and learn from each other and the Earth by living consciously together in authentic relationships, sharing resources, delighting in creative expression, growing food, welcoming others, and honoring our bodies and spirituality.

1 Morgan Ave Palmyra NJ

Ways To Participate

There are 5 ways you can participate in this event and at these prices:

- Friday night only $35
- Saturday Only (lunch included) $125
- Sunday Only* $50 
- Entire Weekend $165 (separately $210)
- Zoom Only $99

Saturday only and Entire weekend includes a vegetarian / gluten-free lunch
* Sunday morning service and talk by Helen open to all with afternoon 2-5pm session afterwards

Location: The Riverhouse 1 Morgan Ave Palmyra NJ

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Schedule And Themes

6:30pm - 7.00pm Welcome Talk: Relaxing into Stillness
7.20pm -7.50pm Guided meditation
8.00 - 9.00pm Satsang

9:30am - 10.00am Welcome Talk: Living as the Presence Part 1
10.20am - 10.50am Guided meditation
11.10am - 12.10pm Satsang
12:30 LUNCH 
2.00pm - 2.30pm Talk: Living as the Presence Part 2
2.50pm - 3.20pm Guided Meditation
3.40 4.40pm Satsang

9:30 Arrival before service (At Moorestown Community Center
10am Sunday Service Talk: Peace is here and now
12:00 LUNCH
2.00pm - 2.30pm Talk: Loving what is
2.50pm - 3.20pm Guided Meditation
3.40 4.40pm Satsang

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