Guest Teachers

Martha Creek

Widely known in New Thought, Martha’s trainings approach deep inner work as an adventure with a sense of curiosity and wonder. A master of the art of right questioning, she calls forth the most stubborn and self-defeating patterns to create a new way of being, literally. Ordained in Religious Science and Divine Science, Martha is a member of Unity Institute faculty. She has attended Emerson Theological Seminary (Masters and Doctorate), Byron Katie School for The Work, and Hoffman Institute. She is a Healthy Congregations Facilitator and Trainer. Martha has a beautiful book out   "Martha's  Authentic Pearls."       See more at

Mary Reed

is an authentic “direct experience” mystic, author of the “Unwitting Mystic: Evolution of The Message of Love”, is a former agnostic healthcare executive who exchanged her life in Washington, DC for a monastic life in the Himalayas after struggling for years to come to terms with her unexpected, profound mystical abilities. Today she is startling humanity awake sharing her vivid embodied wisdom. Mary is real, profound and her mystical insights into unitive consciousness are wildly inspiring and shed sorely needed light on the significance of these incredible times.

Kathy Milano

Kathy is a  psychologist, spiritual teacher, intuitive, and artist dedicated to assisting your unique journey of self-discovery, personal transformation, and spiritual expansion.  She is the creator of "Soul Sanctuary." It is a space
where you are surrounded by beauty, and a sense of peace.  A space that naturally soothes your insecurities, ignites your sense of belonging, and rejuvenates every part of you. Imagine a Sanctuary for your Soul which invites you to come as you are, no matter how vulnerable or powerful you may feel in any moment. To discover a community that celebrates your growth and encourages you to pursue dreams that really mean something.  That is Soul Sanctuary.  A place of comfort, and nourishment. A space for people to gather for healing, community, and expansion.

In honor of Rev Carol's retirement, Kathy Milano has created a private webpage for CCL with the Sunday meditations she's offered over the last year during quarantine. She'll be adding each one she does, so that the resource is available to CCL. Here’s the link. Password is CCLmeditations
Meditation Link

Rick Moss

Guidance On The Path Of AwakeningDr. Moss is the developer of Awakening to our Greatness, formerly known as Pre-Cognitive Re-Education (Pre-Cog). Rick developed this work after teaching meditation for 20 years and realizing that meditation alone does not change subconscious patterns, and by itself is not enough for transformation. Rick has a Ph.D. in education. He is a minister of Religious Science. He is aided in his work by an intuitive ability which helps him read the subconscious and allows him to work both in person and over the phone. He loves being in a truly loving relationship, is dedicated to personal growth, both his own and his clients. Rick Has just publish his new book,"Drops of Wisdom:Guidance On The Path Of Awakening." A must read.

Rev. Dr. Jerry Troyer

Rev. Dr. Jerry Troyer has been a student of New Thought for more than 25 years, and a minister for 15 years. He serves as President of the Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN), as well as staff minister for the Om Center for Spiritual Living in the San Diego area. He is the author of the acclaimed book, Coming Out to Ourselves: Admitting, Accepting and Embracing Who We Truly Are.

Bhante Wimala

Venerable Bhante Y. Wimala is a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk of the Theravada tradition, who travels the world to share his guidance and wisdom with people of all faiths. Sent by choice to a Buddhist temple at the age of 13, Bhante completed six years of formal training and received his higher ordination at age 20.  Through his Triple Gem Society, where he serves as Spiritual Director, he has impacted the lives of people far and wide.  Unlike most monks who wander their homelands or live ascetically in monasteries, Bhante has been called to spend his life traveling the world, teaching and healing and bringing peace to the people of our planet. He has forged friendships across the globe, and his contagious compassion in action has resulted in numerous varieties of humanitarian projects. Venerable Bhante Wimala is also the Chief Monk and Spiritual Director of Nairobi Buddhist Temple, Nairobi, Kenya. In Europe, Bhante is the founder and spiritual teacher of the Samadhi Buddhist Meditation Centre in Tupadly (Prague) and is the founder of the Lotus Buddhist Center in Prague, Czech Republic.

Brook Still

Brook Still is known internationally for her life changing workshops, retreats and healing practice. She is the founder of the Creation Center in Los Angeles and has been serving as a teacher and a healer for over 30 years. She has had the extraordinary grace of studying and in-depth apprenticeship with shamans from South and North America, gurus of the east and several fully enlightened beings who she is graced to call her friends. Her presence is vibrant and compassionate, her joy and laughter is contagious, and her connection to Source is exceptional and immediate.  Brook's teachings are inspiring and powerful and filled with the blessings of many cultures and numerous lineages, pulling from spirituality and science, all the while filling the room with incredible love and energy.  She honors all cultures, traditions, and religions, understanding that though the paths are many, we indeed are all one. Additionally she believes that every being is a master and it is therefore everyone's mission and purpose to awaken themselves and others to this truth.

Mukesh Anand Brahmachari

Mukesh is an Indian monk and master healer, who lived in Ramana Maharishi's ashram after 15 years in a cave in India, and has practiced meditation for over three decades. His special gift is calming the minds of those experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, depression or confusion and guiding people to access inner peace within themselves through a simple path, a style of meditation he calls Silent Heart Meditation. Mukesh has instructed students in India, UAE, Egypt, Europe, UK and the US.

Jon Mundy

Jon Mundy, Ph.D. is an author, lecturer; publisher of Miracles Magazine, and Executive Director of All Faiths Seminary International Miracles Studies, in NYC. ​ . A retired university lecturer, he taught classes in Philosophy, Religion, and Psychology from 1967-2009, teaching on campus as well as teaching inside Sing Sing and Bedford Hills Prison for Women. ​ Areas of specialization: The History of Mysticism, The Psychology of Religion, World Religions, The History of Philosophy, Oriental Philosophy, and A Course in Miracles.

Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj has been a student of metaphysics for over 30 years. He completed his practitioner training at Agape in 2001. He was also a practitioner at the Center for Conscious Living for a few years where he taught various courses fusing new thought with eastern mysticism. Currently Pankaj resides is PA with his family and runs a property management and commercial real estate investment company. You can connect with him on Instagram @embodying_spirit. Pankaj has a passion for sharing higher consciousness and embodying the eternal principles for better living.