Conscious Education

Core Classes 

These are our foundational classes in Science of Mind principles and are offered on a rotating basis.

Roots 3: Emma Curtis Hopkins

This class is an exploration into our teachings and freely draws upon the many religions, philosophies, literature, and sciences that directly influenced our Founder, Ernest Holmes. This class guides us through the writings of three of the most important influences in Holmes’s development: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins. This class will give rich and deep insight and a sharper focus of the Science of Mind fundamentals.This class is required for Practitioner training but is open to all.

Roots 1 and 2 will be taught later in the year.

Foundations for Living

This transformational class is the study of spiritual practice and conscious creating. Experience personal miracles as you delve deeply into Universal Principles and apply them to change and empower your life! Prerequisite for many other classes. Includes an all-day workshop.  SOM Core Course. 3- hour class meets for 13 weeks. This class is required for Practitioner training but is open to all.

Radical Forgiveness

This experiential class, based on the book by Colin Tipping, focuses on empowering students to release the past and awaken to their Spiritual Truth. Foundations or equivalent recommended. CCL Core Course. 2 .5- hr class meets 9 weeks.

Spiritual Practices

This class focuses the student on creating lifetime habits of meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. During this class Spiritual Mind Treatment for others is taught as well as review and strengthening of the student’s knowledge of treating for him/herself. Many kinds of meditation practices are explored both individually and in powerful prayer groups. SOM Core Course. 3-hour class meets for 10 weeks. This class is required for Practitioner training but is open to all.

Practical Mysticism

This course will evoke the inner mystic that indwells you. This is something that cannot be taught, intellectualized or forced. Awakening the inner mystic is invitational in that the Divine Self comes forth as we prepare ourselves and invite it to do so. In this course, we plant seeds and wait upon the activity of Grace to bring those seeds to fruition.  We will have the opportunity to do specific soul work to embrace the totality of ourselves, releasing blockages and embodying the spiritual truth of our being. 3- hour class meets for 10 weeks. This class is required for Practitioner training but is open to all.

Power of Decision

A class in the study of Science of Mind, based on the book by Raymond Charles Barker. Learn the effect of your decisions on creating conditions in your life, and how to direct the Infinite Power for greater good in your life! 3- hour class meets for 8 weeks.

Practitioner Studies – Year 1

The first year of professional practitioner studies focuses on: 1) deepening the students’ knowledge and understanding of the Science of Mind; 2) in depth work in deepening self understanding and the transition into the professional Consciousness; 3) moving from the role of student of Science of Mind into the role of professional in training. Students study, read and write about the Science of Mind at a much deeper level of understanding. Students become aware of what needs to be cleared in their own consciousness as they begin to apply their spiritual understanding to all human conditions. Students are also introduced to and trained in Ministry of Prayer work which they will be capable of performing at the conclusion of this year of study. This course is recommended for anyone who wishes to continue to deepen their study and practice of Religious Science, whether or not the student wishes to continue on to become a licensed Religious Science Practitioner. Studies continue in Year 2. 3-hour class meets for three 10-week sessions

Practitioner Studies – Year 2

The second year of Practitioner Studies is focused on training in one-on-one client work. Students learn the skills necessary for a Practitioner to be proficient in working professionally with a client. These include communication skills, telephone skills, and training in the ability to apply spiritual principles to human situations through Spiritual Mind Treatment in the practitioner-client relationship. Training is also provided in the special functions of the Practitioner, such as funeral/memorial services and Sunday platform duty. In addition, students learn the foundations of setting up a professional practice and continue to deepen Practitioner consciousness. Throughout the year, students investigate the areas of mysticism and expanded consciousness through the study of the teachings of Jesus and other mystics. 3- hour class meets for three 10-week sessions

Ministerial Studies Year 1

Year 1 of Ministry School centers on "Growing into Ministry." Topics covered in this year included Deepening Into Self, World Religions, Exploring New Paradigms, Origins of New Thought and Public Speaking.

Ministerial Studies Year 2

Year 2 of Ministry School, centers around "Responding to the Call." Topics covered include The Business of Church, Consciousness of Ministry, Creating Abundance, Creating Rituals and  Ceremonies and Creating Workshops and Classes.

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