Join us as we welcome Reverend Roby Chevance to CCL for a rare and special weekend filled with love, healing, miracles!

About Roby Chevance

Reverend Roby is a Religious Science minister. Weaving profound spiritual wisdom into the unique experiences she offers -- dynamic workshops, powerful Sunday services, and private individual healing sessions -- Reverend Roby delivers an experience like no other.

Since birth, Reverend Roby has been blessed with extra-ordinary psychic abilities. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient.

She is a medium. She is an energy healer. She is a prosperity leader.

She has dedicated her life to cultivating her many gifts of healing, spiritual wisdom, mediumship and prosperity principles.

She is coming to CCL to share her special talents with us! We hope you can join us for a weekend filled fun, laughter, spiritual connections, and profound insights.

Choose your option, or join for all!

Friday Evening Workshop -- If you are interested in connecting with a departed loved one, Messages of Love from the Other Side will bring you a rare opportunity to connect with them. $35 See below for more info

Sunday Afternoon Workshop -- If you want energetic clearing and expanded awareness, the Sunday afternoon Mundane to Miraculous event will introduce you to advanced energy techniques. $50 See below for more info

Sunday Morning Service at CCL -- Sunday morning's service will be a rare opportunity for you to bask in Reverend Roby's dynamic, fun personality, as she weaves spiritual truths into a lively, engaging service. (Free)

Private Sessions Saturday and Monday -- Individual readings and healing sessions will give you the opportunity to meet with Reverend Roby privately. See below for more info

Location: The Riverhouse, 1 Morgan Avenue, Palmyra, NJ

Messages with Love from the Other Side Friday, July 19, 6:30-9:00 pm $35

Would you like to connect with a departed loved one?

Reverend Roby has been psychic from birth, and she brings a unique and powerful healing experience in the Messages with Love workshop. With a special ability to balance compassion, inspiration, humor, and healing, an evening spent with Reverend Roby can be transformative and life-changing.

Through her special gifts of psychic sight, psychic hearing, psychic feeling, and her ability to read energy from objects, Reverend Roby communicates with those who have crossed over to the other side. She brings forth a remarkable experience that is infused with comfort, love, healing and insight.

This highly spirited evening includes a discourse on psychic understandings and spiritual truths, and you will have the opportunity to receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over. The environment is safe and loving, and it honors Spirit and the eternality of the Soul.

Join with us for this very special evening with Reverend Roby, as she approacheds the challenging subject o9f death with an unusual combination of compassion and humor, as she allows the paranormal activity of mediumship to actually become quite 'normal'!

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Location: The Riverhouse, 1 Morgan Avenue, Palmyra, NJ

Mundane to Miraculous Sunday, July 21, 2:00 -5:00 pm $50

Are you interested in being the best that you can be? Do you want to access more of your true self?

Reverend Roby's Mundane to Miraculous Three-Hour Intensive will introduce you to advanced energy concepts and clearing techniques. You will expand your awareness, and free yourself  from energetic blocks that have been holding you back.

This workshop is about energy, frequency, and vibration. As we evolve into more of our spiritual nature, the ability to master the realm of energy is the liberating skill of the future. In this cutting-edge workshop, Reverend Roby will provide you with tools to enhance your spiritual practice.

Please join us for a powerful experience that will leave you inspired and uplifted, with greater clarity in all of the possibilities available for your actualized living.

Open yourself to your true expansive nature, and awaken to greater revelations and heightened awareness from within. Join us for a truly extraordinary experience!  

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Location: Moorestown Community House

Sunday Service at CCL with Reverend Roby Chevance Sunday, July 21, 10am

Join us for Sunday service with Reverend Roby Chevance as our guest speaker. Reverend Roby is lively, engaging, funny, and inspiring! You are sure to tap into your own spiritual essence as you engage in a joyous celebration of life and love with Reverend Roby as our guest presenter!  

Private Sessions Saturday, July 20 and Monday, July 22

Reverend Roby is offering private sessions in energy healing, psychic readings, and communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.

Experiences with Reverend Roby have been described as "life changing" and "uncanny." One former participant stated simply, "I just couldn't believe it!"

Sessions are limited, so we recommend that you book early! Call or text Reverend Roby privately to book an appointment at 1(760) 703-7373.

You can email Reverend Roby at: [email protected]

The Riverhouse

Community Mission:  To nourish and learn from each other and the Earth by living consciously together in authentic relationships, sharing resources, delighting in creative expression, growing food, welcoming others, and honoring our bodies and spirituality.

1 Morgan Ave Palmyra NJ

Roby Chevance Schedule

FRIDAY: (at Riverhouse, 1 Morgan Ave, Palmyra)
Messages with Love from the Other Side
6:30pm - 9 pm 

SATURDAY: Private Sessions

 (At  Moorestown Community Center, 16 E Main St, Moorestown)
10am Sunday Service Talk: 

Afternoon Workshop at the Riverhouse
( 1 Morgan Ave, Palmyra)
Mundane to Miraculous
2pm - 5pm

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